Kidd Bell

We believe in unapologetic empowerment. We believe in standing up for others. We believe in speaking out against injustice. And we believe in fighting for what is right.

So we've partnered with dozens of local and international charities to create products that peach empowerment while also giving back. Cruise our 4 Charity Section:

Our founder, Whitney Bell is an activist/artist who welcomes the label of “feminist bitch,” lovingly given to her by bitter trolls of the internet. She hosts a traveling Anti-Harassment Dick Pic Gallery Show, maybe you've heard about it. She also writes about feminism, racial inequality, rape culture, and reproductive choice for Playboy, Teen Vogue, HuffPostElle, Cosmo and Ms. Magazine. 

We know that capitalism sucks, but sometimes you gotta fight the system from the inside. So rock a tee that you believe in, help us raise some money for good, and support us in our multi-platform fight for change.